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Philips Transcription Kit Software Headset 234 Foot Control 210 Web Licence Ref LFH7177/05
Olympus DS-7000 Professional Dictation System Ref V402110BE000
Olympus DS-3500 Professional Dictation System Ref V403110BE000
Olympus DR-1200 Professional Microphone USB Ref V401131SE010
Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit Ref V4511110E000
Philips DPM 6000 Dictation Recorder Ref DPM6000/00
Philips DPM 6700 Starter Kit Ref DPM6700/02
Philips DVT 2510 Digital Recorder Hands-free 8GB Colour Display Ref DVT2510
Philips DVT 2710 DNS Digital Recorder Hands-free 8GB Colour Display Ref DVT2710
Olympus Digital Dictation Machine WS852 4GB Ref V415121SE000
Olympus Dictation Machine WS853 8GB Ref V415131BE000
Olympus Dictation Machine VP10 4GB Ref V413111BE000
Olympus DM-901 Conference Kit with Digital V-Recorder Microphones Remote Control Silver Ref V407141BE020
Olympus DS2500 148-303Hrs Recording and AS2400 Transcription Starter Kit USB 2GB Ref DS2500AS2400
Philips LFH2330 Digital Dictation Foot Control Ergonomic Slim Anti-slip Ref ACC2330
Philips Transcription Kit of Machine 155 Power Supply 234 Headset and 210 Foot Control Ref LFH720T
Philips 388 Analogue Pocket Memo Rechargeable Ref LFH0388-00
Philips 488 Analogue Pocket Memo Rechargeable REC/BATT Audible Warning Ref LFH0488-00
Olympus DS-2500 Digital Dictation Machine DSS Pro Format USB with SD Card 2GB Records 303Hrs Ref DS2500
Olympus AS2400 Digital Transcription Kit RS-28 Footswitch E-102 Headset and DSS Software Ref N2275726
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