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Sanitary Refills - Roll

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Scott Cntrl Tissue 6Pk&Free Disp JUL3/18
Cushelle Toilet Rolls 2-Ply White Ref 1102089
Andrex Toilet Rolls 3-Ply Quilted White Ref M01386 [Pack 9]
Andrex Toilet Rolls Aloe Vera Rippled Ref M01388 [Pack 9]
Andrex Toilet Rolls Classic White Ref M01389 [Pack 4]
Tork Matic H1 Soft Hand Towel Roll 2 Ply 210mmx150m 625 Sheets per Roll [Pack 6]
Tork Xpress Soft Hand Towel Multifold 2 Ply White 180 Sheets Per Stack [Pack 21]
Tork Centrefeed Paper Roll 1 Ply 210mm x 300m Blue [Pack 6]
Kleenex Comfort Small Toilet Roll 2-ply 4 Rolls of 160 Sheets Ref 8484 [Pack 24]
Kleenex Small Toilet Roll 2-ply 2 Rolls of 225 Sheets Ref 8474 [Pack 24]
Kleenex Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Two-Ply 260 Sheets White Ref 4477 [Pack 27]
Scott Performance Tissue Roll Ref 8597 [Pack 36]
Tork Premium Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 2-ply Embossed White Ref 110254 [Pack 12]
Tork Advanced Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 2-ply White Ref 120238 [Pack 12]
Triple Velvet Toilet Rolls White Ref 1102092 [Pack 12]
Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser White Ref 552000
Triple Velvet Toilet Rolls Ref 4014141 [Pack 12 Plus 6 FREE]
Tork Extra Soft Premium Toilet Roll 3-ply White Ref 110318 [Pack 6]
Tork SmartOne Mini Toilet Roll 2-ply 620 Sheets per Roll White Ref 472193 [12 Rolls per Pack]
2Ply Versatwin T/Roll 125m X 24 Rolls
1Ply Versatwin T/Roll 180m X 24 Rolls
Tork Fsc Soft Mid-Size Toilet Roll CSE27
Maxima Bulk Pack T/Tissue 2Ply PK36
Maxima Green Toilet Roll Wht 200Sh PK48
Maxima Mini Jumbo T/Roll 200m PK12
Maxima M/Jumbo 2Ply 200m PK12
Maxima Jumbo T/Roll 2Ply 410m PK6
Cushelle T/Rolls 32 For 24 White 1102090
Maxima Toilet Rolls 320Sh PK36
Andrex Classic T/Roll PK16 White 1102122
Scott Control Toilet Tissue 8569 PK6
Hostess Mini Jumbo Toilet Tissue 500 Sheet Rolls 2-Ply 400x90mm White Ref 8614 [Box 12]
Hostess Midi Jumbo 400 Toilet Tissue Roll 1000 Sheets 1-Ply 400x90mm White Ref 8613 [Pack 12]
Kleenex Ultra Jumbo Toilet Tissue 625 Sheet Rolls 2-Ply 400x94mm White Ref 8515 [Pack 6]
Hostess 320 Toilet Tissue Rolls Two-ply Ref 8653 [Pack 36]
Andrex Toilet Rolls 2-Ply 240 Sheets Classic White Ref M01377 [Pack 9]
Scott Performance Toilet Tissue 2-ply 2 Rolls of 320 Sheets Ref 8538 [Pack 18]
Tork Toilet Roll Coreless 2-ply 93x125mm 900 Sheets White Ref 472199 [Pack 36]
Tork SmartOne Toilet Roll 2-Ply 1150 Sheets per 207m Roll White Ref 472242 [Pack 6]
Tork enMotion Hand Towel Roll Continuous 2-Ply 150m White Ref 471110 [Pack 6]
5 Star Facilities Toilet Tissue Two-ply Two Rolls of 200 Sheets White [Pack 36]
5 Star Facilities Toilet Tissue Two-ply Two Rolls of 320 Sheets White [Pack 36]
5 Star Facilities Jumbo Roll two-ply 250x92mm 410m White [Pack 6]
5 Star Facilities Jumbo Toilet Rolls Two-ply Sheet Size 250x92mm Roll Length 200m [Pack 12]
5 Star Facilities Luxury Toilet Tissue Rolls Two-ply 4 Rolls of 240 Sheets White [Pack 40 Rolls]
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